Canada is a nation that allows professionals from worldwide to migrate and settle in any of its provinces as permanent residents. Just like Canadian citizens, permanent residents also get specific benefits and can enjoy various rights. For doing so, they need to apply for a permanent residence visa from their home country.

What is Canadian Permanent residence visa ?

The Canadian Permanent residence visa is a travel document that represents you as a skilled foreign worker in Canada.

You will receive this visa after you go through a standard procedure of checking eligibility set by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC).

By getting the resident card, you as a skilled professional and your family members are given the privilege to settle permanently. Though there are different types like

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Visa – This president Visa program is for candidates with skills and ability to score points and migrate with or without job offer and nomination.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program – Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate immigration aspirants immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling down in a specific province of Canada.
  3. Federal Trades Worker Visa: Visa program for candidates who are skilled in a specific trade and meet the factors to migrate to Canada and work as a trades person.
  4. Canadian Experience Class: Visa programme for candidates who are either residing in Canada on a temporary visa or have any previous work experience from Canada..

The Permanent Residence of Canada is valid for a period of 5 years and comes with unlimited extensions. On this visa, all the eligible members of your family can enjoy a Canadian permanent resident status, live, work and travel anywhere in Canada.

You are also given a right to apply for Canadian citizenship immediately after you complete a stay of 3 years in Canada along with other benefits.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa Benefits:

  • Live, work & settle in Canada without any restriction.
  • Earn double of what you are earning now & work for any company you wish to.
  • If married, spouse &kids also can fly with you without any additional family visa.
  • Children get free education & Spouse gets the right to work for any company in Canada
  • No need to pay for you or your family medical treatments, as the Canadian government sponsors it for the entire family.
  • Just after 3 years of stay, you get to become a Canadian citizen.

What you need for Canada Immigration:

To immigrate to Canada, you need to meet several factors.

  1. You must hold a degree or higher education credential from a standard University.
  2. You must have an experience of at least 2 years in an occupation that has a high demand in Canada.
  3. You must be able to prove your proficiency in the English language through the IELTS (English Language Test).
  4. You must be able to score the required points in the points-based immigration assessment.
  5. You must be of sound health and must not possess any criminal history.
  6. You must be able to fund your immigration process and your stay in Canada without any dependency on the Canadian government.

Application Process for Canada PR

  • Check  if you score at least 67 points or more
  • Evaluate your education from WES or similar bodies
  • Lodge your application online in the pool
  • Create your  profile in job bank (optional)
  • If your CRS score meets the monthly cut off  of CRS, then you will receive ITA
  • Submit the final application with CIC within 60 days
  • Get Medical and Character Assessed. You need to prove good health and character.
  • If any dependent is accompanying, they should also submit health and character documents.
  • Submit your passport for visa stamping

Processing Time

The Canada immigration processing time under the current Express Entry Program is based on the applicant’s CRS score.

The candidates who score over 440+ tends to get a permanent residence visa in 8-10months.

Government Fees

The entire process of Permanent residency in Canada involves fee payments at various stages. The breakdown of it is as follows:

Fees for Educational Credential Assessment Fees (to be paid to WES):

  • Ranges between 250- 323 CAD.
Fees for Final Visa Application:

  • 550 CAD for the primary applicant.
  • 550 CAD for accompanying spouse or secondary applicant.
Fees for Permanent Residency Rights:

  • 490 CAD for the primary applicant.
  • 490 CAD for accompanying spouse or secondary applicant.

CAD stands for Canadian Dollars -the currency of Canada.

Note: This does not include fee applicable to LEADS visa process services.